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Bradley Nuttall North
wealth management and financial services

At Bradley Nuttall North our approach to wealth management and financial services is based on the twin disciplines of total independence and academic rigour with you, the client at the Centre of everything we do. No commissions, conflict of Interest and rebating of all brokerage ensures this approach delivers a transparent, best practice, personalised path towards creating successful financial outcomes and peace of mind for individuals and families each and every time.

Bradley Nuttall North is headed by Andrew Hogg. Andrew has been in Financial Services for over 30 years (13 years in the UK as adviser, regional manager and supervisor in a national sales training and development team) and 17 years in Northland where he is now a FA and director of Bradley Nuttall North Ltd.

We are happy to meet with you at your place or a mutually convenient location with clients from Bay of Plenty, Lake Taupo and Auckland all through Northland to Kaitaia investing in solutions that have stayed at the forefront of Financial Advisory and Wealth Management best practice. 

A goal without a plan is just a wish

What we know about Investing

  • It's about building relationships.
  • You, the client always comes first, being Independent and fee only ensures this. (No commissions, any brokerage returned to the client and no conflicts of interest)
  • Fear, greed and impulse are enemies…time, patience and discipline are your friends.
  • Share market falls are interruptions of an upward trend.
  • Low cost funds, diversification and accepting short term volatility are the keys to successful long term investing.
  • Goals without a plan are invariably fantasies.
  • As you get older, you need to make your Financial affairs less complicated  
  • People will never run out of money because governments will subsidise them. They can however run out of lifestyle which is why we are here, to help clients manage their lifestyles, and achieve their goals and ambitions.