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Wealth Management & Lifestyle Planning

While many of our clients are still accumulating wealth from their employment, businesses and professions, others are either enjoying their retirement or preparing for it. Regardless of what stage they are at, all of our clients are eager to know whether or not what they have already accumulated, or expect to accumulate, will be adequate to comfortably achieve their lifestyle goals.

So lets sit down and identify and understand what’s important to you and your family and design a plan tailored to your goals, objectives and tolerance for risk with cash flow modelling to help you plan your future.  


How we help

Investment and retirement planning and cashflow modelling

What is Investment, Retirement Planning and cash flow modelling?

By Using a projected returns programme relative to your appetite for risk we give an indication of how your money will grow, alternatively if you are drawing an income then we give an indication of how long your funds may last.


Socially Responsible Investing

Socially responsible investing, also known as ethical and green investing, means avoiding industries that negatively affect the environment and its people and is a fast-growing segment of the financial landscape.


UK Pension Transfers

If you have an occupational, private or personal pension in the UK and are thinking of bringing them over to New Zealand then let’s have a chat.